Lyn Pacificar creates prophetic art using direct and indirect painting methods with glazing technique. She enjoys pouring paint, and allowing the imagery to come forth in all its colorful forms. Drawing with pen and pencil is an occasional pleasure, which includes painting with watercolor pencils in her illustrations. Her artistic passion is manifesting multidimensional art evocative of metaphysical, transcendental, and spiritual realities.

Testimonial from Brian T.

“In the late-Nineties, I met Lyn while she was visiting family in Northern California. We spoke for only a few hours but I was forever impacted by her spirit and energy. She introduced me to the stars and specifically to Orion’s Belt. These 3-stars seemed so perfectly aligned in the night sky. They would be a beacon of constancy to me for many years, providing encouragement during the bad times, and motivation during the good. As the years passed, I realized that they were not so perfectly aligned as they seemed when I was young. Still ever-present, but seemingly now subject to the imperfections of reality… somehow more clearly seen through weary eyes.”

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